Always a step ahead.

Our steadfast commitment to continuous quality, innovation and environmental protection has helped us deliver value to our stakeholders and earn their trust.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy is driven by the challenges facing our stakeholders, from reducing costs while meeting the demand for first-grade constructions, to achieving maximum energy efficiency while minimizing the impact on our environment.

The indoctrination and application of this policy, combined with solutions testing and innovation conducted at our R&D Laboratory, form a fundamental activity of our business operation, allowing us to work closely with our stakeholders and help them attain their objectives while contributing positively to a world that is cleaner and safer.

Here are just a few of the state-of-the-art technologies that we’ve implemented.

SaigonRDC - Our Pursuit of Innovation

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SaigonRDC - Our Pursuit of Innovation

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We continuously pursue new production and application techniques along with product enhancements to better equip our stakeholders in an ever-changing environment.

Since its early beginnings, Saigon-RDC has positioned innovation at the heart of its guiding values. By constantly anticipating new construction trends and exploring new technologies to meet those trends, we succeeded in developing pivotal solutions for our stakeholders. This could not have been possible without our dedicated R&D Laboratory and team of concrete specialists.

Established to conduct research and to develop more durable, cost-effective and sustainable concrete solutions, our R&D Laboratory is equipped with the necessary tools and devices to test, monitor and improve the quality of our raw materials, our products and their applications. By adhering to strict standards, our R&D team ensures our ability to provide our stakeholders with solutions that meet their expectations.

Our collaboration with Bach Khoa University and our R&D facility in Taiheiyo Singapore Research Department provide us the edge to tap into knowledge and new discoveries.

In addition, we have appointed a very well known consultant from India, Mr Siva Kumar, who represents ICOMAT India (affiliated with the Indian Institute of Technology, IIT).

Hence this will make us one of the most dynamic concrete companies in Asia to embrace new developments as we progress in a world where change is continuous and disruption through change is so prevalent. We must always stay ahead of the curve to keep abreast of technological developments.


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A slump test measures the consistency of fresh concrete before it sets. This allows us to check the “workability” of freshly produced concrete, or the ease in which the concrete flows. Essentially there are 3 terms to describe the results of a slump test: true (when the slump subsides, but is able to retain most of its shape), shear (when the top section of the slump shears off and slips sideways), and collapse (when the concrete collapses completely). At Saigon-RDC, we perform the slump test with our customers present. This enables them to verify the quality of concrete which we supply to them.

Discover our innovative concrete products


Securing a level of quality that is trusted by our stakeholders.

With our stakeholders expectations at the forefront of our strategic planning, we uphold a stringent policy that governs our procedures and compliance for ensuring the application of the highest standards of quality and integrity in all our products and services.

Adhering to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard, we have put into place an operational QA/QC Procedure to ensure our constant ability to meet customer requirements and honor all relevant government statutes and regulations. We firmly believe that our QA/QC Procedure along with our Quality Control Policy will generate added value and meet greater customer satisfaction.

By maintaining a consistent source of materials that meet international standards, we minimize discrepencies that may alter the quality of our production and products.

A trust-building process that ensures our commitment to service.

Saigon RDC's Total Quality Management System

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Here are just a few of the state-of-the-art technogies that we’ve implemented.


Nghi Son Cement

A subsidiary of
Taiheyo Cement Corporation

We use only 100% Nghi Son Cement to produce our concrete, guaranteeing our customers with a level of quality perfected using advanced Japanese technology.

Course Aggregates

Course Aggregates

Our source of stones are primarily from the provinces of Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Ba Ria Vung Tau, which are crushed using Vertical Shaft Impact (VSI) technology to provided added strength, optimal shape, and particle size distribution to obtain the highest quality of concrete production.

Fine Aggregates

Fine Aggregates

Our source of sand materials originate from An Giang and Dong Thap, provinces renowned for sand quality.

Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)

Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)

Saigon-RDC is proud to be the first concrete supplier to introduce M-Sand to the ready-mix concrete industry. As a replacement for scarce river sand, M-Sand provides a positive alternative that contributes to the preservation of our environment.



We strictly source our admixtures from widely respected manufacturers, including Grace, Kao, Sika, BASF, Silkroad, and Fosroc to ensure quality and stability for our concrete.


Bringing about our hope for the future
through our actions today.

As part of our CSR efforts, we’ve adopted 3R – Recycle, Re-use, Reduce, as an integrated environmental management approach spanning every step of our business to guide and ensure our respect for the environment and our participation in building a clean and safe future for our society.

The 3R model affords us the opportunity to mould every facet of our operations and the properties of our products and application solutions to:

  • Prevent pollution
  • Encourage a recycling-based society
  • Mitigate climate change
  • Decrease environmental impact
  • Protect our water resources
SaigonRDC Capabilities

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Putting our 3R approach into action.

SRDC Aggregate Recycling Machine

Recycling aggregates to minimize wastage

Saigon-RDC is proud to be the first concrete supplier in Vietnam to operate an aggregate recycling machine. Aggregates are key components of concrete production, but excesses are often left behind in concrete mixer drums over time due to delays in construction. Traditionally, the left over aggregates are disposed in landfills, impacting significantly on our environment. With the recycling machine, however, we are able to recover and re-use fine and course aggregates for further concrete production, thus minimizing wastage and ramification to our ecosystem.

SRDC Aggregate Recycling Machine

Re-using filtered water for a clean and green environment

Water is a vital element in ready-mix concrete production. In addition to being a key ingredient in the concrete mix, water is important for many of the plant’s operations, including the cleaning of trucks and plant equipment. Since most of concrete slurry consist of water, we utilize a high pressure filter press designed specifically to separate water from slurry. The resulting clean water is then re-used to not only keep our equipment and trucks clean, but to also water the green vegetation within our plants.

Fly ash & slag

Reducing 10% to 30% of cement by using fly ash

A naturally-occuring byproduct of coal combustion, fly ash is used as a partial replacement for cement during the production of concrete, giving our products the added strength and durability not typically found in traditional concrete due its ability to act as a pozzolan when reacting to the lime found in cement during hydration. The resulting benefit to our environment is significant as fly ash concrete production requires less energy and water consumption, and helps reduce greenhouse gasses (approximately 1 ton of CO2 emissions are reduced for every 1 ton of fly ash).

Reducing heat and CO2 emissions with ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS)

GGBFS is produced from the molten slag byproduct of iron and steel manufacturing. When added to the concrete manufacturing process, GGBFS improves the concrete’s strength, durablity and application. Aside from the many physical and chemical advantages of using GGBFS with concrete, it is widely known for it’s eco-friendly characteristics. For instance, GGBFS does not produce harmful carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxides, and the heat of hydration is comparatively less than that of conventional mix hydration.