Project Description

SRDC Innovative Product - Self Leveling Mortar

Self Leveling Mortar



  • A type of mortar used to smooth surfaces during construction without any vibrating or compacting effects
  • The mortar is a ready mix with high quality Nghi Son Cement, manufactured in accordance with Japanese standards
  • Carefully selected materials are special additives are added to the self-leveling mortar to reduce viscosity and increase the workability of mortar without segregation


  • Used for floor covering, including covering for vinyl flooring, epoxy flooring, parquet flooring, tiled floors and wooden floors
  • Used as an actual finished floor without any floor coverings
  • Used to repair defects in reinforced concrete structures where normal concrete can not be grouted to the depth of the structure


  • Smoothes out any surface and corrects any possible irregularities
  • It can be used as a finished floor without floor covering
  • Its high flow allows for easy construction without the use of trowels and without vibration or compacting effects
  • Its high flow also makes self-leveling mortar particularly suitable for pump and discharge
  • Its compressive strength is comparable to concrete with good adhesion
  • It saves time, manpower and money for construction
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